The novel unfolds as a dystopia set in an imagined world, situated in the future after the inevitable occurs. Human societies grapple with devastation brought about by nuclear wars and climate change. The majority of survivors find themselves living in “human sanctuaries,” overseen by a select few elites who have gleaned wisdom from the bitterness of experience. 

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This book is a tale of two men, eight centuries apart, who both possess a level of religious and social tolerance that seems to have gone obsolete. Daniel Abdel Razak is a world-renowned Egyptian 21st archaeologist and one of the world’s leading experts on demotic writing. Despite his pedigree, Faith intervenes when ancient manuscripts dating back to the 13th century are discovered during the Arab spring. They are written and narrated by an otherwise forgotten mysterious historical figure by the name of ‘Ibn Al Bitar.’

As Danny immerses himself in the adventurous and enthralling world of Ibn Al Bitar, he discovers a greater understanding of that historical period, religion, and more importantly, humanity.

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The City of the Sun is a fictional thriller about ancient Egypt, secret societies and the extraordinary story of a woman who doesn’t fit in.

Mariam is a Southern Egyptian educated in American, a Christian married to a Muslim, and a woman photojournalist living in a man’s world.  After being forsaken by her Christian family, surviving the mysterious death of her husband and being bullied to give up her children to his Muslim family, Mariam lives alone in Cairo and throws herself into her work.  In the course of her job, she shoots some provocative and unauthorized photos and suddenly her journalist partner turns up dead in her apartment and her own life is threatened. With her husband’s cousin as an ally, Mariam finds herself on the run from an unknown pursuer.

Marion has long believed that her estranged father is responsible for her husband’s death and is convinced that he is involved in this crime. She learns that reality is not what it seems and reluctantly is thrown into a dangerous journey into secret societies and the place where modern religion and ancient Egypt collide.  

The City of the Sun is an intelligently written thriller about the suppression of knowledge for the sake of power. The Da Vinci Code of the Middle East, this fast paced novel is written by Egyptian journalist Aly Brisha.  

This is his second novel.