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Mamluks of Thunder Island is a thought-provoking exploration of a future fraught with peril and possibility. It skillfully intertwines speculative elements with human drama, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre.


K.C. Finn

Brisha’s firsthand experiences as a journalist in the Middle East clearly lend a strong sense of authenticity and depth to the narrative, providing valuable insights into the complexities of the region’s social and political landscape. This underpins a strong plot filled with interesting characters, harrowing moments of struggle, and intimate character portrayals as we see firsthand the effects that this kind of society has on the people forced to live in it. All of this culminated in a startling but apt conclusion, leaving readers reeling from a profound and eye-opening experience in a bleak yet compelling vision of the future. Overall, Mamluks of Thunder Island is a hauntingly prescient tale that serves as a cautionary reminder of the urgent need for collective action. I would certainly recommend it to fans of dystopian fiction who also seek depth and empowerment in their reading adventures. K.C. Finn in readers favorite

Matt McAvoy

This is a tremendously well-written and well-edited book, by an undoubted professional at the peak of his potential, though its narrative feels a touch obscure at times, perhaps abstract or even metaphorical in places.

Matt McAvoy on the novel Mamluks of Thunder Island


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Mamluks of Thunder Island” by Aly Brisha is a riveting narrative that transports readers to the dystopian future and tumultuous era of the Mamluk Sultanate. Brisha skillfully weaves a storyline of intrigue, power struggles, and cultural richness in this meticulously researched novel. book below

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“Aly Brisha writes with a poet’s soul. Ibn Al Bitar’s Voyages will indeed take you on a journey through hate and war to a place of discovery, acceptance and love.”, a 5 star rating on indies today

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Aly Brisha has merged two worlds to tell a story of love and hope in “IBN AL BITAR’S VOYAGES”

3.4 star rating on Indie reader

Aly Brisha presented a comprehensive study in his book Trapped in the Middle Ages which includes an analysis of the political, intellectual, and social landscape of both the Western and Eastern countries during the last five centuries and its impact on the current political reality in the twenty-first century. Asharq Alawsat newspaper